Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Car Seat Check Up. 8/30/12

Thanks for making sure your kids are riding safely!

Free Car Seat Check Up. 8/30/12

Thanks for making sure your kids are riding safely!

Free Car Seat Check Up. 8/30/12

Thanks for making sure your kids are riding safely!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Childhood Obesity

It is no secret that obesity rates in the United States are soaring, especially in our children. According to the National Childhood Obesity Month website, more than 23 million children and teenagers in the United States ages 2 to 19 are obese or overweight.  This is a statistic that health and medical experts consider an epidemic.  And this epidemic puts nearly one third of America’s children at early risk for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

The causes of obesity are complex. They include genetic, metabolic, behavioral, environmental, cultural and socioeconomic factors.  Colorado communities with the highest rates of obesity face limited access to healthy and affordable foods, recreational facilities, safe neighborhoods and preventive health care.  These conditions make it difficult for healthy eating and physical activity to be easy choices for all Coloradans in the places where they live, learn, work and play. 

Families can help prevent Childhood Obesity by:

·         Breastfeeding- The risk of childhood obesity is one-third greater for children who never have been breastfed compared to children who have been breastfed.
  • Make healthy personal food choices and be a positive role model for your children.
·         Practice healthy eating habits early, including at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and 6 servings of grains daily (including whole grains).  Avoid keeping high-fat foods, such as sweetened drinks and high-calorie snacks in the house.
·         Require at least one hour of physical activity each day.
·         Reduce time engaged in sedentary activities.  Limit screen time (computer or TV) to less than two hours per day.

Jefferson County PublicHealth, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and its public health partners are supporting proven and promising strategies to fight the obesity battle including: 

  • Promoting best practices for schools to provide daily physical activity for students, adopt nutrition guidelines and partner with local farmers to serve fresh produce in school meals
  • Encouraging health care professionals to adopt Colorado Adult and Childhood Obesity Guidelines to provide healthy lifestyle advice to their patients
  • Partnering with communities to design streets and neighborhoods to include bike paths and sidewalks and convenient linkages to parks, schools, grocery stores and community gathering places
  • Supporting communities in developing community gardens, sponsoring affordable healthy-cooking and exercise classes, and offering team sports opportunities for people of all ages
  • Providing businesses with tools for creating incentives and welcoming environments for employees to be healthy and physically active
·         Livewell Colorado

Emergency Preparedness Month

Throughout the month of September, everyone is encouraged to focus on individual and family preparedness at home, at work, and at school. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), there are some things that you can do to make sure you are prepared in case of an emergency situation.

·         Be Informed- Know what to do before, after and during an emergency.
·         Make a plan- Your family may not be together when a disaster strikes so it is important to plan in advance.
·         Build a kit- Find recommended items here.
·         Get involved- Find opportunities to support community preparedness.

 Jefferson County Public Health believes that healthy communities are resilient communities and continues to encourage citizens to get plenty of exercise, eat healthy foods and stay up to date with immunizations and health screenings. Get more information about how you and your family can be prepared with the JCPH’s Plan to be Safe.

Food Safety

For many, September means last minute BBQs, busy schedules and back to school.  As you celebrate the end of summer, keep in mind that September is National Food Safety and Education Month.  Inadequate or improper food handling, preparation or food storage can make you, your family and guests sick.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 48 million Americans get sick from foodborne diseases each year.  3,000 of them will die.
So, enjoy your end of summer celebration, but remember to be safe!  Click here to see JCPH’s recommendations on how to handle, prepare and store food properly.
If you are sending the kids off to school with packed lunches, click here to find quick tips to packing a safe lunch!
Don’t forget, practice proper food handling, preparation and storage techniques.
·         Wash hands and surfaces often.
·         Be especially careful not to cross-contaminate foods.
·         Cook to proper temperatures.
·         Chill or store foods properly.

This chart from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the causes of illness in 1,565 single food commodity outbreaks, 2003–2008

For more information, please visit the JCPH food safety page, The United States Department of Agriculture food page or call our Food Safety Program at 303-271-5700.

World Rabies Day is September 28, 2012

Everyone knows the importance of keeping our families healthy.  But, many of us don’t think about rabies when it comes to protecting the ones we love.  Recently, skunk rabies cases have been on the increase right here in Colorado.  Other animals like bats and foxes can also carry the virus. These unwanted intruders can get into your yard and on your property, putting you and your family at risk.  As of August 10, 2012, there have been 131 confirmed rabid wild animal cases in Colorado. The best way to keep your family and pets safe is to make sure all your pets have been immunized for rabies.   
 JCPH urges all pet owners to make sure their pets have current rabies shots and to keep their pets from roaming free.  Please report any incidents to the Jefferson County Animal Control office, call 303-271-5070 or email,
Get more information about World Rabies Day here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Produce and Health Fair August 2012

Great turn out for the last Produce Fair! Thank you all for participating. Have a great fall and see you next year!

Monday, August 6, 2012

NFP Partners for Healthy Families Picnic 2012

The annual NFP Partners for Healthy Families picnic was held Friday, August 3, 2012. Several graduates and families currently enrolled turned out to celebrate with their nurses!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Parents! Add Immunizations to your School Readiness Checklist

Books, backpacks, clothes, pencils and IMMUNIZATIONS!

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