Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Buy Local?

Buying local has multiple health and community benefits. Besides the fact that most people say food tastes better when it’s fresh, it also is packed with nutrition. Buying local also helps protect the environment and supports community family farms and ranches.

Four Good Reasons to purchase from local farmers and ranchers:

  1. Help the environment. Environmental impact from carbon
    dioxide emissions and packaging waste is reduced because
    food purchased locally doesn’t have to travel far.

  2. Strengthen our local economy. Buying local keeps your food dollars circulating in the community.

  3. Support your local family farm. More than an important piece of the American tradition, local
    farmers also supply local jobs and spend their money with local merchants.

  4. Make informed decisions about your family’s health. Knowing where your food comes from
    allows you to have better control over foods selected including pesticide or hormone free foods.

Get started on living healthier, learn more from these web sites:
Colorado Market Maker will start you on your search for local ranches and farms that provide meats, poultry, produce and dairy.
Colorado Dept of Agriculture - Colorado Proud
Home Food Service Plans will provide information on how to know that meats sold door to door are safe for you and your family
Seafood Watch will help you choose seafood that is abundant in supply, and caught or farmed in
environmentally friendly ways
Are all fish and seafood safe for all people? Check out guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and infants and children
Wanting to choose a fish that is healthy for your family and the environment, but your recipe calls for one on the “avoid” list? Check out this link for recipe substitutions!
Recipes to use our wonderful Colorado meats and poultry, as well as healthy seafood ideas.

Provided by JCPH Nutrition Services. Over 50 years of helping Jefferson County residents with nutrition education and services, including the Women, Infant & Children Program assuring pregnant women and children ages five and under in the County have access to healthy foods and nutrition education. Call Nutrition Services Manager, Sara Lemley, RD 303-239-7137 for more information.

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