Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Earth Day

"Some people who talk about the environment talk about it as though it involved only a question of clean air and clean water. The environment involves the whole broad spectrum of man's relationship to all other living creatures, including other human beings. It involves the environment in its broadest and deepest sense. It involves the environment of the ghetto which is the worst environment, where the worst pollution, the worst noise, the worst housing, the worst situation in this country -- that has to be a critical part of our concern and consideration in talking and cleaning up the environment."- Gaylord Nelson Read more from the source document.

The words above, spoken on April 19, 1970 by the founder of Earth Day are as pertinent today as they were 40 years ago. Read this article to gain insight on how Your zipcode can determine your health. Our environment includes the natural world and the physical environments we create, also known as built environments. Jefferson County Public Health strives to protect the earth through its programs and services designed not only to reduce environmental health hazards but also to promote healthy living.

Light Rail Comes to JEFFCO . . . Look for the Public Health display
This coming April 27, 2013 Jefferson County will celebrate RTDs light rail coming to Jefferson County. Look for the Jefferson County Public Health display and learn more about public health’s commitment to the health of its community.

  • For more information on JCPH Environmental Health Services please visit the JCPH Environmental Health Services web page or call 303-271-5700. For more information on built environments and improving access to healthy eating and active living, please contact Molly Hanson, Health Policy Analyst at .

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