Friday, October 7, 2016

The Power of Preparedness . . . National Preparedness Month Reminds Everyone to Plan and Prepare for the Unexpected

Being prepared at all levels saves lives. Public health emergencies might take the shape of an emerging or rapidly spreading disease, a natural disaster, or an act of bioterrorism. While we can’t always anticipate what the next threat will be or where it will begin, National Preparedness Month presents an opportunity to share how we can all act now to reduce the impact of the unknown.  While the month is celebrated in September, every month is an opportunity to learn and prepare ahead.

This 2016 National Preparedness Month, CDC joined more than 3,000 global, national, regional, and local government organizations, as well as private and public institutions, to promote the importance of being ready for emergencies through the power of preparedness.

For more information on planning and preparing for potential public health emergencies, please visit the Jefferson County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Web Page.   Download and view the CDC infographic on preparedness. 

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