Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March is the Snowiest Month of the Year in Colorado – Be Snow Safe

Though March 20 marks the first day of Spring, March is also the snowiest month of the year in Colorado. On average, according to the National Weather Service, the state gets more than 10 inches per month, and in some cases, has gotten more than 30.

That means it’s more important than ever to Be Snow Safe when walking outdoors, traveling, enjoying winter sports or even going about your day-to-day life.

Here are some helpful tips from the Centers for Disease Control for the cold, snowy days to come: 

  • “Wear appropriate outdoor clothing: wear a tightly woven, preferably wind-resistant coat or jacket; inner layers of light, warm clothing; mittens; hats; scarves; and waterproof boots.
  • Sprinkle cat litter or sand on icy patches.
  • Learn safety precautions to follow when outdoors.
  • Work slowly when doing outside chores.
  • Take a buddy and an emergency kit when you are participating in outdoor recreation.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Above all, be ready to check on family and neighbors who are especially at risk from cold weather hazards: young children, older adults, and the chronically ill. If you have pets, bring them inside. If you cannot bring them inside, provide adequate, warm shelter and unfrozen water to drink.”

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