Friday, November 30, 2012

Candy and Cookies and Fudge! O My!

The Holidays are here! Many of us will be going to parties, hosting family gatherings and eating more than usual. Jefferson County Public Health reminds everyone that moderation is important when it comes to what you are consuming.

JCPH’s Portion Plate Guide can help you keep track of how much you’re eating.

Keeping fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, instead of sugary snacks are a great way to curb your sweet cravings.

Food isn’t the only thing that we tend to overindulge in this time of year, sugar-laden drinks also tend to abound. Help your friends and family members rethink their drink.

Speaking of drinking, alcohol is also often consumed in excess during the holidays. Pay attention to how much alcohol you drink and know the health effects of excessive alcohol use. If you want to quit drinking alcohol, be sure to seek professional help, as withdrawing from alcohol can be life threatening without medical attention.

For those who smoke tobacco, try cutting back or take steps towards quitting instead of increasing your habit during the holidays, contact the Colorado Quit Line for more information. And, although this time of year gets incredibly busy, be sure to schedule time for a little exercise. Not only can physical activity help attack holiday weight gain, it can also help reduce stress --something that can certainly sneak up on us this time of year.

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