Friday, November 30, 2012

Helping Families Grow Healthy

Jefferson County Public Health offers nutrition counseling and education for all families through its Women Infant Children Program, also known as WIC. Moms, Dads, Grandparents and legal guardians can participate in the program if they:
  • Live in Colorado 
  • Are pregnant, breastfeeding and/or have a child under 5-years-old. 
  • Have a family income less than the WIC guidelines
WIC helps keep families healthy by providing personalized nutrition consultants, breastfeeding information, checks for free healthy food and referrals for health care, housing and much more. This program also offers help with meal planning, weight management, and caring for a new baby. If you need help with your family’s nutritional needs, please do not hesitate to get more details at one of our WIC clinics.

JCPH Nutrition Services also offers nutritional assistance for families with children with special needs. Please call to make an appointment or visit us online:

Lakewood- 303-239-7143
Arvada- 303-275-7510
Edgewater- 303-271-5780

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