Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fruit & Vegetable Consumption Related to Greater Happiness

Jefferson County Public Health believes it is important to highlight the direct correlation between our diet and our health.  While proper handling and preparation steps are crucial to food safety, creating a healthy and balanced diet is equally as important to our health.  
While it is no secret that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables keeps us healthy, new research findings suggest that this same diet may also make us happier.  Preliminary evidence has shown that eating fruits and vegetables is related to greater self-reported curiosity, creativity, happiness, life satisfaction, and positive affect. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is believed to promote a general, overall more positive state of well-being.
Be sure to combine health and happiness this fall with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and consider adding an extra apple or handful of carrots to lunch!
For more information on healthy eating, visit Jefferson County Public Health’s Healthy Eating, Active Living web page.

The study, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, is available on PubMed. Science Daily online news published a report on the study: Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Could be as Good for Your Mental as Your Physical Health

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