Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!

Empowering Women to Become Mothers When They Are Ready
Jefferson County, CO--May 8, 2016 is Mother’s Day and a wonderful time to celebrate mothers worldwide. It is ideal for a woman to become a mother when she is ready – physically, emotionally, financially and in all the other ways a person can imagine. Jefferson County Public Health can help women develop a reproductive life plan to assist women in becoming parents when they are ready to do so on their own terms. A woman can decide what goals she would like to accomplish before having children, and her health care provider can help her acquire and use the birth control method that works best for her until she is ready to have a baby. When women are ready for a pregnancy, they should start adopting healthy behaviors at least 3 months before trying to conceive – a healthy diet, exercise, taking prenatal vitamins, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs are all essential for a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancies that are planned pregnancies are more likely to have healthier outcomes for babies, mothers, and the family as a whole.

May is also National Teen Pregnancy Prevention month and a good time for parents to talk with their teens about the importance of reproductive health. Studies show that teens who are able to talk with their parents about sex and choices related to sex are more likely to wait to have sex for the first time, use protection when they do, and are less likely to become young parents themselves. Support exists for families who need assistance in talking with their children about these topics, and Jefferson County Public Health is committed to providing assistance for community organizations and schools to assist in this venture.

Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) clinicians are ready to help teens, women and their families in whatever way is needed for women to achieve their goals of motherhood on their own terms. For teens and women who are not ready to be mothers yet, JCPH clinic offers all methods of birth control including long acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs and implants at the Lakewood location. For women who are ready for a pregnancy, we can provide physical exams as part of a women’s wellness visit, pregnancy testing, advice on how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and referrals to local prenatal providers for pregnancy care. Our low cost services are provided on a sliding fee scale and to people with Medicaid and many other insurance plans. No one is denied services due to the inability to pay. 

“Jefferson County Public Health is committed to empowering individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health, as well as empowering people to become parents when they are ready to do so,” states Kelly Conroy – Jefferson County Clinic Services Nurse Manager.   “We provide family planning clinics that are confidential and include comprehensive services to support and educate teens, adults and families in our community.”

Women who are currently pregnant and celebrating Mother’s Day this year may also benefit from other programs at Jefferson County Public Health. The JCPH Nurse Family Partnership program is a home visitation program for first time mothers and their babies from pregnancy to 2 years of age, and Prenatal Plus is a home visitation program for first time or any time mothers offering community resources and a focus on empowering women to make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve their goals throughout the pregnancy.

JCPH Family Planning Services:
·                  Health education and counseling, including information regarding abstinence
·                  Pregnancy testing and counseling
·                  Birth control Information & supplies, including free condoms
·                  Long-acting reversible contraception, including IUDs and implant
·                  Screening for sexually transmitted infections and HIV
·                  Emergency contraception/Plan B
·                  Treatment of minor gynecological problems
·                  Referrals to other health and social services

To schedule an appointment, please call our Lakewood clinic: Lakewood 303-239-7078.
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