Thursday, March 28, 2013

2012 Public Health Champion of the Year - Ron DiDonato

Jefferson County, Colorado--Public Health is what we as a society do collectively to prevent illness and premature death and promote health in our communities. Each year, during National Public Health Week, April 1-7, 2013, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) honors some of the many people it works with throughout the year that help to make our county healthy. While they may not have made public health their profession, the work they do, the partnerships they provide and their enthusiasm for protecting the health of Jefferson County residents makes them the 2012 Public Health Champions of the Year.
  • Protecting Jefferson County’s Groundwater for Generations to Come, Ron DiDonato 
Ron DiDonato, owner of RCD Construction has been installing individual sewage disposal systems in Jefferson County for over 20 years, primarily in the Indian Hills area. He can tell you how important it is that these systems meet the highest standards for design and installation in order to protect the community’s groundwater resources. Groundwater, the water beneath the surface in rocks and soil, the water that collects in aquifers throughout the county, is many times the same water that comes out of the tap for drinking and cooking. Ron DiDonato has worked to keep that water safe and free of contaminants in Indian Hills by doing his best when installing Individual disposal systems. The Indian Hills community has some groundwater contamination issues because Indian Hills is located in the fractured bedrock area of the County, meaning there are increased potential for contaminants, such as nitrates to directly impact the groundwater. Mr. DiDonato’s ISDS installations have included the latest in wastewater treatment technology. In addition to typical components such as septic tanks and absorption beds, Ron sees to it that the additional pumps, motors and control panels are properly installed to assure that the system will work as intended and will produce the improved wastewater quality so crucial to protecting the fragile groundwater environment. Ron has made a career out of doing this important job very well and is a 2012 Public Health Champion for his efforts. Ron also recently demonstrated his heavy-equipment handling skills by winning the “Roe-d-Hoe” event during the Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater (CPOW) annual conference. The dedicated professionalism of Public Health Champion, Ron DiDonato has improved onsite wastewater disposal in Jefferson County and protected the groundwater resources for the many citizens who rely on it for their drinking water. Congratulations and thank you Ron.

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