Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Provide a Safe Sleep Environment for Infants

Watch this Jefferson County Insights video featuring a Jefferson County mother and her infant during a visit with one of our public health nurses as well as an interview with Dr. Ann Halbower with Children’s Hospital.

Creating a safe sleep environment for infants is easy to do and can reduce risk of suffocation, as well as sudden unexplained infant death syndrome (SUIDS). Start by removing all items from the crib, including crib bumpers, blankets and toys. Be sure to place infants on their backs to sleep and keep them warm by using a simple sleep sack or one-piece sleep wear. Some parents and caregivers feel more comfortable having the infant sleep in the same room, this is fine, but only if there is a portable sleeping crib or bassinette. The risk of suffocation is real! Never share a bed or sleeping space with an infant. Parents and caregivers can also protect infants by making sure that anyone else who might be putting the baby down for sleep, including grandparents and other family members, understands the importance of a safe sleep environment and follows these guidelines. Visit the JCPH injury prevention page to learn more about safe sleep and injury prevention across the lifespan.

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