Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Too Fat to Fight . . . Obesity and Overweight just might be a National Security Issue

Obese and overweight are not the way to be if you want to join the army. MISSION READINESS, a national nonprofit group of retired generals and admirals wants people to know that obesity and overweight just might be a national security issue. National surveys conducted for the military indicate that approximately one in four young adults is unable to serve because of excess body fat. Poor nutrition and a lack of physical exercise not only leave many young people too heavy to join but they also create challenges for those accepted, such as increased strains or fractures. According to a Pentagon study, the number of Army soldiers booted for being overweight has jumped tenfold in the past five years from 168 in 2008 to 1,815. In the Marine Corps, the figure nearly doubled from 102 in 2010 to 186 in 2011 but dropped to 132 last year.

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