Friday, October 26, 2012

Healthy People, Healthy Places . . . Jefferson County Public Health Wants You to be Involved in Creating a Healthier JeffCo

Over the next several months and throughout 2013, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) will invite you to participate in the development of a comprehensive community health improvement plan (CHIP). All local Colorado public health departments will develop a community health improvement plan every five years that includes a multi-phased approach made up of a community health assessment, the development of a community health profile, a community engagement prioritization process and finally, the development, implementation, and evaluation of a CHIP.  Current JCPH accomplishments related to this project include collecting existing health data and information on risk factors, quality of life, mortality, morbidity, community assets, social determinants of health and health inequity. We are also gathering information on how well the public health system provides essential services. Additionally, some community outreach has occurred through a mix of methodologies, internal work teams have been formed, a communication plan is being developed, and Dr. Mark Johnson, Executive Director has invited key stakeholders to be a part of a health council. 

The next phase of the process involves members of the community.  JCPH wants as many constituents from multiple jurisdictions to be involved in this important process to ensure a collaborative and inclusive process to improve the health and the environmental conditions of our County.   JCPH believes that when community members engage with health data, notice trends and choose health indicators to track, they will better understand the health issues facing our County and will want to get involved in creating solutions. 

As a resident, employee or stakeholder, JCPH believes you are a key partner in the process. Over the next 14 months, will be a place for you to connect with the CHIP process, JCPH and our many partners in the County.  The overarching goal is to have Jefferson County Colorado exemplify Healthy People and Healthy Places! Keep your eye out for continued communication on this initiative. If you have specific suggestions, or would like more information, please contact Elise Lubell, JCPH Director of Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management, at 303-271-5719 or

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